Champions Podium
1st place - James Tombs 145
2nd place - Joe Clark 30
3rd place - Peter Webb 15

Other Worthy Competitors
4th place - Carlitos Hulkamaniacs - Waheed Iqbal
5th place - Carlitos Spirit Squad- Waheed Iqbal
6th place - Waitrose World Cup Superstars - Ben Daish
7th place - Team C - Ade Podbury
8th place - The Return of Carlitos Cool Jabronis - Waheed Iqbal
9th place - Arsenal FC - Callum Fullbrook
10th place - You finish lower than this team and u really suck - Robert Turner

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Sun Newspaper for running this competition, and I'm not trying to take credit for the rules and scoring systems etc.

Latest news

Monday 10/07/06

Final Table is now posted. Thankyou all for taking part, and I will be running a Premiership tourney for next season so be sure to get involved in that! I'll be gathering up the money in the next week or so also so be prepared for that.

Thursday 06/07/06

Semi Final scores are now posted. The third place playoff counts so there are 2 more chances to score!

Monday 03/07/06

Quarter Final Scores have been posted. Only 4 more games to score in now!

Saturday 01/07/06

I was bored so I've awarded some awards to those who deserve them.

Wednesday 29/06/06

The Scores after the first knock out stages have been posted.

Sunday 25/06/06

The Group stages totals and transfers have now been posted.

Tuesday 20/06/06

The 2nd group stage game scores have now been updated. Start thinking about you transfers, as you must get them to me by 4pm on saturday, and they will come into effect at the kickoff of the first knock-out stage game.

Thursday 15/06/06

The First Group Game Update has been done (this does not include Germany vs Poland from last night). I'm doing this as I speak before going to work so I'm gonna need to double check things this evening but I'm fairly sure the scores are all accurate. So enjoy.

The next update will be after the 2nd round of games are complete, on Monday 19th June.

Tuesday 13/06/06

The prize fund is going to be split as follows: 145 to the winner, 30 for 2nd place, 15 for 3rd place. And thats the bottom line.. coz stone cold warm steve austin said so!

Monday 12/06/06

I'm Baaaaaaaacck from Download festival, which was awesome by the way. I've now posted all the teams that I've recieved, which totals 54. This makes the total prize fund 190 which I still have to decide how to split. Take a gander, and I'll be doing the first points update on wednesday hopefully so check back then.

Tuesday 06/06/06

23 teams and 80 prize money so far, keep em' coming! I am going to be away for the weekend (leaving thursday) so ideally I'd like to get your teams before I go so I have time to check them over.

Sunday 28/05/06

I've put my 3 teams up on the teams page so you can see the layout of the teams page. These teams are awesome so don't copy me.

Sunday 21/05/06

World cup pages launched. Site is still under construction...

James Tombs 10 PAID
Callum Fullbrook 10
Robert Turner 10 PAID
Kevin Spencer 10
Waheed Iqbal 10
Chris Smith 10
Ben Carter 10
Gary Brown 10
Ade Podbury 10
Ben Daish 10
Phil Higgs 10
Adam Smith 10 PAID
Chris Matthews 10 PAID
Joe Clark 10 PAID
Peter Webb 10 PAID
Kevin Paiser 5
Andy Stevens 5 PAID
Matt Dean 5
Gary Fullbrook 5 PAID
Chris Deane 5
Ben Trinder 5
Adam Goff 5
Sunny Brar 5