The Hall of Fame - For amazing acheivements, tactics & helpfulness.
King of the World Cup CupJames Tombs

Team CTU

(victory is mine)

Sneaky Second AwardJoe Clark

The Four Horsemen

(for sneakily sneaking 2nd spot right at the end of the tourney)

3rd PlacePeter Webb

Dimebag FC

(Finishing 3rd which is respectable)

2 Years in the Making AwardSunny Brar

(for FINALLY paying for the last 2 years entry fee!)

Team Nuttage AwardRobert Turner

(becuase he was bitchin' at me to give him an award.)

Gore Award!Zinedine Zidane

(It had to be done)

The Hall of Lame - For incredible awfulness and poorness.
Numpty AwardJoe Clark

(for naming his teams The Four Horsemen and Joes Team 2 for like the 15th dreamteam competition in a row.) Get some imagination you numpty!

I See a pattern AwardChris Smith

(for propping up the bottom of the table for the second tourney in a row.)