It's that time of year again.. the ultimate Dreamteam competition is back. Better... Badder... Faster... Sexier.....and with many more random explosions than before!

See, what did I tell ya, I wasn't even on the 2nd sentence and theres already been an explosion.

Anyway, I'm sure you all already know the drill, but for those who don't, go to the Rules page and the Players page to start putting together a team. Entry will most likely be the same as before, 5 for 1 team or 10 for 3. The target for this season is to get 100 teams to enter. 2 years ago we had 39, last season we had 70 so its upto you lot to make this happen. The more entrants, the more prize money and the more gloating you can do when you win. Its a simple as that.

So what I'd like to happen, is everyone who has entered before to find at least 1 other person to enter, who has not entered before. Anyone who manages it will undoubtedly get an award of some sorts, <bullshit> and perhaps even a nomination for a nobel prize or an oscar.*</bullshit>

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Sun Newspaper for running this competition, and I'm not trying to take credit for the rules and scoring systems etc.

* note the bullshit tags.

League ChampionMick Tombs135
League Runner UpRobert Turner30
League 3rd PlaceWaheed Iqbal10
FA Cup WinnerWaheed Iqbal30
Champions League WinnerPhil Higgs30

Other Worthy Competitors
4th Callums CasualsGary FullbrookRepect
5th Bo Bo BoBen CarterRepect
6th Garys Other TeamGary FullbrookRepect
7th Hurry onward Lemmiwinks or you will soon be dead James TombsRepect
8th The Four HorsemenJoe ClarkRepect
9th Panda FC Chris MatthewsRepect
10th Shoreys XI Steve Matthews Repect
Last Place Stamina FC Adam Smith Should be ashamed of himself

Latest news

Saturday 26/05/07

Final Leaderboard posted. Congratulations to Mick! See this space for more info on next seasons tourney.

Saturday 05/05/07

Week 37 done. Shitty NTL wouldnt let me upload the website last week, dunno why.

Saturday 28/04/07

Week 36 woop.

Saturday 21/04/07

Week 35 done and dusted.

Sunday 15/04/07

Week 34 durka durka mohammad jihad. Mick is starting to run away with it, something has to be done to make it a more interesting finish to the season.

Saturday 07/04/07

Week 33 gurk. Roger that. Over and out.

Sunday 01/04/07

Week 32 boring! there were no games due to internationals so there aint much to report here.

Saturday 24/03/07

Week 31 schwing! Champs League Final results and approprate awards have been posted

Saturday 17/03/07

Week 30 keeerrrrunch! This week is the Champs League Final Showdown between James "King of the World Cup" Tombs and Phil "Gonna get whooped" Higgs.

Saturday 10/03/07

There is a disturbance in the Force. The week 29 update has been processed.

Saturday 03/03/07

Look at the Week 28 update you shall hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Saturday 24/02/07

Week 27 be bop! That is all.

Saturday 17/02/07

Week 26 beep! Champs League Semi finals results are up to so take a look.

Saturday 10/02/07

Week 25 Pow! We have our first prize winner of the Season, Mr Iqbal walks away with the FA cup after defeating Ben Carter in the Final

This week is the Champions League Semi Finals so check back next week to see who makes the final

Saturday 03/02/07

Week 24 DONK! The Transfers have been received and I really cant be arsed to post them all now coz i need to double check them and goof around with the database so Ill post them tomorrow.

Anyone found to have made any dodgy illegal transfers will be contacted in due course for a verbal warning and so a swift resolution can be met.

Saturday 27/01/07

Week 23 whomp! Transfer window opens on monday so get cracking. The deadline is Sat 3rd February. The Champs League Quarter Final results are up too. Sorry I forgot to announce that this week was Champs league I only remembered because of Mr Higgs reminding me so nice one kid.

Saturday 20/01/07

Week 22 is done like a kipper! Transfer window opens in a little over a week

Saturday 13/01/07

Week 21 blam! FA cup semi final results have been posted too. Start thinking about your transfers too

Sunday 07/01/07

This week is the FA cup semi finals, which coincide with the real fa cup 3rd round

Thursday 04/01/07

Week 20 sheblammm! ANOTHER new league leader.

Saturday 30/12/06

Week 19 kap-chow! Yet again we have a new league leader. Its toight up there.

Also ped managed to get MOTW and LOTW this week so he is getting an award coz I'm bored.

Saturday 23/12/06

Week 18 crunch. FA cup Quarter Finals results are posted, and I did the semi final draw aswell.

Sunday 17/12/06

Week 17 snarf. FA cup Quarter Finals Draw also posted, which takes place this week.

Saturday 09/12/06

Week 16 done, as well as the champions leage group stage results!

Saturday 02/12/06

Week 15 snafu! FA cup 3rd round results are up and this week is the Champs league 3rd group stage games!

Saturday 25/11/06

Week 14 results done and he FA cup 3rd round draw has been posted. The round takes place this week.

Wednesday 15/11/06

Week 13 update is done as there are interntationals this midweek. The Champions league 2nd group stage game results are also up.

Sunday 12/11/06

FA cup 2nd results are up, as well as Week 12's league table.

This week is the Champions League 2nd Group games also.

Tuesday 07/11/06

FA cup 2nd round draw has been posted, even though its almost over already! The results will be posted this weekend.

Saturday 04/11/06

Week 11 results done - We have a new league Leader!!! This week is the FA cup 2nd round, which I havent yet done so I'll get onto that pretty soon.

Saturday 28/10/06

Week 10 results are up, as well as the Champions League Group Stage Game 1 results

Saturday 21/10/06

FA cup round 1 results are up, as well as the week 9 update. And this coming week is the champions league group stage 1st games.

Saturday 14/10/06

I have received all the transfers, you can look at them on the Teams page. There were no games this week due to the internationals, and this week is the FA cup first round. W00p.

Saturday 07/10/06

Transfers Window 1 is open until next saturday so get on it!

Tuesday 03/10/06

Week 7 results have been done as there are no midweek games this week. Also, the results of the Champions league qualifiers are up too so take a gander.

Sunday 01/10/06

Week 6 results are up, as well as the current scores after the first week of the champions league qualifying round

Sunday 24/09/06

Last Night The FA cup first round draw and the Champions League Qualifying groups were drawn (in front of witnesses) so go have a look now!

Saturday 23/09/06

Week 5 update ahoy! And the results of the FA cup qualifying round are too! This week is the first week of the Champions League Qualifier, so at some point this evening I will be posting the Champs league Groupings.

Saturday 16/09/06

The Week 4 update has been done. This week is the FA cup qualifying round! (see FA cup page for details)

Saturday 09/09/06

There were no games in week 3 coz of the internationals.

Saturday 02/09/06

I have now posted details on the latest addition to the competition, the Champions League! I have also decided on the dates for all cup ties (including the FA cup) and also decided on a provisional prize structure. This may slightly be changed so watch this space. There is also a Calendar page which is new. So look at it.

Wednesday 30/08/06

Week 2 Update has been done as there are no midweek permiership games.

Saturday 26/08/06

Im currently on a quick break from Reading Festival so I've done this update quickly so will double check and update things properly on Monday. For now there should be an accurate Leaderboard for week 1 up.

Sunday 20/08/06

I received 2 more teams to make it 67 Teams and 235 prize money. Ill decide on the prize allocation mid week in case there are any more late ones.

Saturday 19/08/06

Excluding any late entires (which I may or may not penalise - my decision is final) there are 65 Teams and 225 prize money. Not quite as many as I'd hoped but still enough to make it interesting thats for sure. Please take a look on the teams page and make sure I've received them properly.

Friday 18/08/06

42 teams 145 prize money.

Thursday 17/08/06

28 teams 95 prize money. Keep 'em rollin. The kitty will look a lot better when the last minute larry gang (Joe, Ads etc) get their teams to me no doubt 5 mins before the deadline.

Tuesday 15/08/06

22 teams so far, which is 75 prize money. There is more to come though!

Sunday 13/08/06

I've updated the player lists for recent transfers and whacked some of the teams up that I have received. Get your teams to me soon!

Sunday 30/07/06

Today is quite possibly the most important date of the social calendar.. my 22nd birthday.

In other news, the 06/07 section of the site is now open. But I guess you already knew that as you are already looking at it.

Payments - Green Gits still owe me
James Tombs 10
Kevin Spencer 10
Chris Smith 10
Tom Bray 10
Ben Carter 10
Ben Trinder 5
Ben Daish 10
Callum Fullbrook 10
Gary Brown 10
Waheed Iqbal 10
Chris Holroyd 5
Mick Tombs 10
Peter Webb 10
Gary Woodward 5
Robert Turner 10
Sunny & Jas Brar 10
Adam Goff 5
Ade Podbury 10
Chris Deane 5
Phil Higgs 10
Adam Smith 10
Joe & Michelle 10
Gary Fullbrook 10
Chris Matthews 10
Steve Matthews 10
George Baptiste 5
Andy Stevens 5

Payments - Still owing from the World cup tourney. Sort it out boys!
Kevin Spencer 10
Chris Smith 10
Ben Carter 10
Kevin Paiser 5
Matt Dean 5
Chris Deane 5
Ben Trinder 5