FA Cup

FA Cup Final Result

Here is the news that youve all been waiting for. Well at least 2 of us anyway. Congratulations to Waheed he has won the FA cup and a sweet 30.

His name is etched onto the cup, joining previous champions Gary Fullbrook from 2005/06 and Kevin Spencer from 2004/05

The artist known as Carlito Caribbean Cool - Waheed Iqbal
poscodenameclubvalFinal Score
GK031HowardEverton£2.5m 5
DF113EboueArsenal£3m 0
DF215TerryChelsea£8m 5
DF224LescottEverton£2m 8
DF260CarragherLiverpool£6m 8
MF619GerrardLiverpool£8m 2
MF543CampoBolton£2m 10
MF639RonaldoManchester United£5m10
MF575LampardChelsea£8m 10
ST824B McCarthyBlackburn£3.5m 0
ST816CarewAston Villa£2m 13
71 Vs. 38
Bo Bo Bo - Ben Carter
poscodenameclubvalFinal Score
GK046Van der SarManchester United£5m8
DF450ChimbondaWigan£3.5m -4
DF371ShoreyReading£2m 8
DF395M DawsonTottenham£4m 0
DF346S CampbellPortsmouth£3m 0
MF575LampardChelsea£8m 10
MF503FabregasArsenal£5m 0
MF513RosickyArsenal£4.5m 8
MF619GerrardLiverpool£8m 2
ST934YoungWatford£2m 3
ST845DrogbaChelsea£4.5m 3

Semi Final Results

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Panda FC (Chris Matthews)
GK073P RobinsonTottenham£4m5
DF287G NevilleManchester United£4.5m0
MF515BarryAston Villa£3.5m0
MF639RonaldoManchester United£5m0
ST931M KingWatford£2.5m0
ST853A JohnsonEverton£4.5m8
15 Vs. 23
The artist known as Carlito Caribbean Cool (Waheed Iqbal)
MF639RonaldoManchester United£5m0
ST853A JohnsonEverton£4.5m8
ST824B McCarthyBlackburn£3.5m7
ST879SolskjaerManchester United£2m5
Garys Other Team (Gary Fullbrook)
GK070KennySheff Utd£1.5m0
DF180A MeiteBolton£2.5m5
MF639RonaldoManchester United£5m0
MF645BartonManchester City£4m0
ST873RooneyManchester United£8m0
ST853A JohnsonEverton£4.5m8
47 Vs. 76
Bo Bo Bo (Ben Carter)
GK046Van der SarManchester United£5m0
DF395M DawsonTottenham£4m8
DF346S CampbellPortsmouth£3m3
ST837D BentCharlton Athletic£4m0

Quarter Final Results

Cowboys from Hell (Peter Webb)17Vs.34Bo Bo Bo (Ben Carter)
Garys Other Team (Gary Fullbrook)34Vs.19OK so I may be dancing on top of a canoe dressed as a banana, but that doesn't make me an idiot (Ben Daish)
Thundercats (Kevin Spencer)39Vs.41Panda FC (Chris Matthews)
The artist known as Carlito Caribbean Cool (Waheed Iqbal)40Vs.28Team 2 (Ade Podbury)

Third Round Results

Third Round Results
Offence Wins Games, Defence wins Championships (Kevin Spencer)48Vs.60Thundercats (Kevin Spencer)
Katies Team (Steve Matthews)35Vs.49OK so I may be dancing on top of a canoe dressed as a banana, but that doesn't make me an idiot (Ben Daish)
How to Win (Tom Bray)38Vs.54Garys Other Team (Gary Fullbrook)
Leroys Dream Machine (Ben Trinder)45Vs.70Bo Bo Bo (Ben Carter)
What ya Gonna do brother when Hulkamania runs wild on YOU!! (Waheed Iqbal)26Vs.55The artist known as Carlito Caribbean Cool (Waheed Iqbal)
Arsenal are the Best (Callum Fullbrook)35Vs.43Team 2 (Ade Podbury)
Panda FC (Chris Matthews)62Vs.40Killed by Beecham (Robert Turner)
Cowboys from Hell (Peter Webb)65Vs.41James McFadden... and ten others! (Phil Higgs)

Second Round Results

Second Round Draw
Team Cant wait to see Reading get stuffed every game this season ft we hate Nut! (Chris Deane)29Vs.65Panda FC (Chris Matthews)
Killed by Beecham (Robert Turner)49Vs.40Ok- ish Team (Chris Smith)
Garys Team (Gary Woodward)28Vs.46Cowboys from Hell (Peter Webb)
Leroys Dream Machine (Ben Trinder) 40Vs.32Reading Bhoyzzzz- Super Kev (Steve Matthews)
James McFadden... and ten others! (Phil Higgs)58Vs.51Deportivo La Snarf Snarf (Robert Turner)
GAME OVER Deane (Robert Turner)14Vs.54Team 2 (Ade Podbury)
IFILL!!! .. Who the F*ck is IFILL!! He's Black.. I'll stick him in! (Phil Higgs)36Vs.64Bo Bo Bo (Ben Carter)
What ya Gonna do brother when Hulkamania runs wild on YOU!! (Waheed Iqbal)46Vs.44Shoreys XI (Steve Matthews)
Bens XI (Ben Carter)25Vs.44How to Win (Tom Bray)
The artist known as Carlito Caribbean Cool (Waheed Iqbal)48Vs.41Tombinator IV (Mick Tombs)
Shout aloud - We scored! (Gary Brown)18Vs.45OK so I may be dancing on top of a canoe dressed as a banana, but that doesn't make me an idiot (Ben Daish)
Mingey & Gary XI (Chris Smith) 34Vs.41Arsenal are the Best (Callum Fullbrook)
Garys Other Team (Gary Fullbrook)50Vs.31Sidwell's XI- Europe here we come (Chris Matthews)
Rock 'n' Roll Stars Return (Adam Goff)20Vs.38Katies Team (Steve Matthews)
What ever you do - do not.......... U know the rest Adz! (Chris Matthews)52Vs.54Thundercats (Kevin Spencer)
Offence Wins Games, Defence wins Championships (Kevin Spencer)44Vs.40Team 3 (Ade Podbury)

First Round Results

First Round Results
GAME OVER Deane (Robert Turner)35Vs.27Red card you must be Joking(Gary Brown)
Vulgar Display of Power (Peter Webb)39Vs.61Panda FC (Chris Matthews)
Joes Team 2 (Joe Clark)61Vs.63Reading Bhoyzzzz- Super Kev (Steve Matthews)
Leroys Dream Machine (Ben Trinder) 62Vs.35Billie's Footballing Puppets (Adam Smith)
Ok- ish Team (Chris Smith)60Vs.58The Mr Bens Waitrose Allstars are back and they brought their womping sticks! (Ben Daish)
Tombraiders (Mick Tombs)32Vs.72Arsenal are the Best (Callum Fullbrook)
Rock 'n' Roll Stars Return (Adam Goff)48Vs.42The Hype Deluxe (Adam Smith)
The artist known as Carlito Caribbean Cool (Waheed Iqbal)70Vs.62Kirstens Kickers (Gary Fullbrook)
Sidwell's XI- Europe here we come (Chris Matthews)59Vs.40Fun Toys are Fun (James Tombs)
Garys Other Team (Gary Fullbrook)46Vs.38... And it levitates... me!!! (James Tombs)
Andys Team (Andy Stevens)53Vs.65Katies Team (Steve Matthews)
Vince McMahons Kiss My Ass Club (Waheed Iqbal)47Vs.60James McFadden... and ten others! (Phil Higgs)
What ever you do - do not.......... U know the rest Adz! (Chris Matthews)59Vs.49Lard's going to Mania! (Kevin Spencer)
Killed by Beecham (Robert Turner)42Vs.38If I Dream I can Win (Gary Brown)
Did you do the motor boat??? (Jas Brar)29Vs.73Tombinator IV (Mick Tombs)
Offence Wins Games, Defence wins Championships (Kevin Spencer)72Vs.50Team 1 (Ade Podbury)
Devilution (Peter Webb) 50Vs.58How to Win (Tom Bray)
Team 2 (Ade Podbury)87Vs.47Japs Eye Jaguars (Sunny Brar)
Bens XI (Ben Carter)57Vs.34More than Good (Chris Holroyd)
IFILL!!! .. Who the F*ck is IFILL!! He's Black.. I'll stick him in! (Phil Higgs) 62Vs.56Sweet Coolness F.C (Ben Carter)
Cowboys from Hell (Peter Webb) 91Vs.64Team Michelle (World Police) (Michelle Ang)
Callums Casuals (Gary Fullbrook) 62Vs.70Bo Bo Bo (Ben Carter)
Team Cant wait to see Reading get stuffed every game this season ft we hate Nut! (Chris Deane) 67Vs.36Toms Legends (Tom Bray)
De Generation X (Ben Daish)68Vs.76Deportivo La Snarf Snarf (Robert Turner)
OK so I may be dancing on top of a canoe dressed as a banana, but that doesn't make me an idiot (Ben Daish)38Vs.36Why enter? I am just going to Win (Callum Fullbrook)
What ya Gonna do brother when Hulkamania runs wild on YOU!! (Waheed Iqbal)49Vs.38No Cheques Please (George Baptiste)
The Four Horsemen (Joe Clark) 54Vs.71Shout aloud - We scored! (Gary Brown)
Mingey & Gary XI (Chris Smith) 72Vs.34Sven Sven Sven Goran Eriksson, He's a lovely geezer but don't forget that he's from Sweden (Phil Higgs)
Thundercats (Kevin Spencer) 53Vs.39Toms Gunners (Tom Bray)
Team 3 (Ade Podbury) 47Vs.35Gash FC (Sunny Brar)
Garys Team (Gary Woodward)60Vs.39I Will Win (Callum Fullbrook)
Shoreys XI (Steve Matthews) 55Vs.44ManBearPig (Chris Smith)

Qualifying Round Results

If you would take a gander at the leaderboard, you will notice that the 3 teams who scored the least points this week are as follows:

TeamManagerQualifying Score
Hurry onward Lemmiwinks or you will soon be deadJames Tombs22
Looney TombsMick Tombs16
Stamina FCAdam Smith10

Hence, these teams dont make it into the hat for the first round draw. Which is lame seeing as one of the teams is mine. Super Weak.

The first round draw will was done last night (see below), and the round takes place between Sat 14th Oct - Fri 20th Sept (Week 9)

How it Works

Specific weeks (see below) are set aside as FA cup rounds. The basic idea is that in each round each team will be drawn against another, which is done completely at random so it is possible to get 2 of your teams drawn against eachother. Then, basically which ever team scores the most points in that particular week will progress - the other eliminated. Hence it doesn't matter how well you are doing in the league, its all about how you perform in that specific week.

Obviously, the pattern continues as we lose half of the remaining teams each round, until we are left with 2, and then in the final week the victor will walk away with the cup (which unfortunately is intangible) and the prize money! (which is most definitely real)

In the event of a draw the round is simply replayed the following week until we have a winner. Simple.

One problem however, is the number of teams involved. As you have already noticed, we have 67 teams. The nature of a cup competition means that we need to start with 64 teams to make things neat, hence we must lose 3 teams before we even make the first round draw. How will this be done?

Thats right, a qualification round. This is how it works:

Any manager that only entered 1 team will have that team automatically qualify. If you entered a group of 3 teams under 2 different names (i.e Joe & Michelle, Jaz & Sunny) then all 3 teams have to qualify. Hence, Thats already 7 teams qualified. Easy.

Of the remaining 60 teams, we need to lose 3. So, the way I have decided to do this is that in the qualification round, the 3 teams who score the lowest scores overall will be eliminated and the other managers will have all 3 teams entered into the cup. Therefore this means that everybody will have at least 1 team in the cup, and the managers who are consistently good will have more chance of winning.

From then on, the draws will be made, rounds played and hopefully a bit of fun and banter will take place!


Here are the dates for the FA cup rounds:

Qualifying Round: Sat 16th Sept - Fri 22th Sept (Week 5)

1st Round: Sat 14th Oct - Fri 20th Sept (Week 9)

2nd Round: Sat 4th Nov - Fri 10th Nov (Week 12)

3rd Round: Sat 25th Nov - Fri 1st Dec (Week 15)

Quarter Finals: Sat 16th Dec - Fri 22nd Dec (Week 18)

Semi Finals: Sat 6th Jan - Fri 12th Jan (Week 21)

Final: Sat 27th Jan - Fri 2nd Feb (Week 24)

All of these dates cover a full set of premiership fixtures, and will obviously include any carling cup, fa cup, uefa cup or champions league matches that take place in the week too.