The Hall of Fame - For amazing acheivements, tactics & helpfulness.
League ChampionMick Tombs


FA Cup WinnerWaheed Iqbal

(The artist known as Carlito Caribbean Cool)

Champions League WinnerPhil Higgs
League Runner UpRobert Turner

(Deportivo La Snarf Snarf)

League 3rd PlaceWaheed Iqbal

(The artist known as Carlito Caribbean Cool)

FA Cup finalistBen Carter

(Bo Bo Bo)

Champs League finalistJames Tombs
Legend AwardJames Tombs

(coz stone cold said so)

Biggest Score AwardJames Tombs

(Fun Toys are Fun)

Mick Tombs(Tombraiders)

Peter Webb(Cowboys from Hell)

Most MOTWGary Fullbrook

(5 time MOTW)

Non Conformist Originality AwardGary Brown

(For having the most original team - with the players who have been chosen the least by other managers.)

LMOTW awardPeter Webb

(For getting manager and loser of the week in the same week)

Flea Market Montgomery AwardNut

(For discovering the greatest advert known to man)

Cheeky Git AwardPhil Higgs

(for fielding an illegal player, but still winning Champs League after after resolving it)

The Hall of Lame - For incredible awfulness and poorness.
Numpty AwardJoe Clark

(for naming his teams The Four Horsemen and Joes Team 2 for like the 15th dreamteam competition in a row.) Get some imagination you numpty!