Lomz Fantasy Footy Season 05/06


The format of the competition is based exactly the same rules as the dreamteam compeition created by The Sun newspaper. If you buy a copy of the Sun on a saturday before kick-off all the rules will be printed there also. The rules are exactly the same as last season.

The basics for selecting a team

1. Your team's value cannot exceed 40million.

2. You must pick no more than two players from any one Premiership side.

3. Your team must have one keeper, four defenders, three or four midfielders, and two or three forwards. (4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation)

4. There are TWO Transfer Windows in Dream Team - one in October and one in January. See transfers page for more information.

It is fine to make changes to your teams after you given them to me, as long as youve chosen your final team by the time the season has kicked off!


Points can be aquired in the Premiership, FA Cup, Carling Cup, Champions League or UEFA Cup throughout 2004-5. Qualifying rounds for the Champions League do NOT count - neither does the Intertoto Cup or any other fixtures, e.g testimonials or friendlies.

Those who have made dreamteams before will know the basic scoring system - here it is:

Awarded seven or more in SunSport's player ratings:3
Star Man in SunSport's player ratings:5
Goal Scored:5
Hat-trick bonus:5
Clean Sheet (keeper/defender):5
Clean Sheet (Midfielder):2
Conceded more than one goal (keeper/defender):-1 per goal*
Penalty save (keeper):3
Sent off:-3 in total
Season's top individual points scorer bonus:20

* For example, defender or goalkeeper conceding 0 goals = 5pts, 1 goal = 0 pts, 2 goals = -1pt, 3 goals = -2pts and so on. Midfielders simply get a 2 points bonus for clean sheet, or no bonus at all no matter how many goals conceded.

In addition, any player transferred from one Premiership club to another continues to score points. For the purposes of the game, he stays registered with his original club. If a player leaves the Premiership, his points are frozen until such a time that he returns.

The rules remain the same for games involving extra-time. A match that is 0-0 after 90 minutes must be 0-0 after extra-time for keepers and defenders to keep clean sheets. Goals scored/penalty saves in penalty shootouts do not count. Replays are counted as separate games.

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