Lomz Fantasy Footy Season 05/06


Welcome to the 2005/2006 Dreamteam competition website. Click here for the World Cup site

Champions Podium

The 2005/06 Dreamteam competition has come to an end. Below is the winners podium. Congratulations to all managers listed below, and to everyone else.. you suck!

I am planning on running a World Cup dreamteam competiton over the summer, so be sure to check back if you want to get involved in that. And as always the league competition will be back next season.

League ChampionCarlito's Cool Jabronis - Waheed Iqbal160
League Runner UpSeasons in the Abyss - Peter Webb40
3rd PlaceOffence Wins Games, Defence Wins Championships - Kevin Spencer15
FA Cup WinnerKirstens Kickers - Gary Fullbrook40

Other noteworthy competitors

4th PlaceKirstens Kickers - Gary FullbrookRespect
5th PlaceThe Runners Up - Mick Tombs Respect
=6th PlaceA.C Camp - Kevin Paiser Respect
=6th PlaceWhat Ever You Do... Do Not Go all In On The First Hand! - Chris Matthews Respect
8th PlaceRock 'n Roll Stars - Adam Goff Respect
9th PlaceThe Four Horsemen - Kevin Spencer Respect
10th PlaceYou cant see me - Callum Fullbrook Respect
FA Cup FinalistFC Rabo Grande - Kevin PaiserRespect
Last Place!The Most Legendary Team in the World EVER! - Chris Smith Ridicule


Latest news
Saturday 20/05/06

The Final League Table has now been posted. Thankyou all for taking part, and be sure to check out the World Cup Dreamteam competition which I will be providing details of shortly. The Dreamtem will be back next season too!

Sunday 14/05/06

Week 39 results up. The leaderboard is ALMOST final, however the FA cup final and champions league final still count so its not over yet. Because there are obviously only 3 prem teams that can still score points, I wont bother with MOTW and LOTW on next weeks final update. Therefore, some awards have been given out and the MOTW/LOTW final league standings are now posted.

As far as the league is concerned, its now a 2 horse race. Waheed is currently 30 points ahead, but it looks like Thierry Henry will be getting the 20 point top point scorer bonus for Ped, so that effectively means the gap is 10 points! So one thing is for sure, its gonna be TOIGHT! Check back next week for the final league table and the prize winners podium.

Saturday 06/05/06

Week 38 results up. Webbs only hope now is that Henry scores at least 10 points in his last 2 games of the season. Wait and see what happens...

Saturday 29/04/06

Week 37 results done. Not long left now!

Tuesday 25/04/06

Week 36 results done, sorry they were a little late as I was away in Belgium for the weekend and couldn't be arsed when I got back..

Saturday 15/04/06

Week 35 results are up.

Saturday 08/04/06

Week 34 results done. Somebody stop him!!!!

Saturday 01/04/06

Week 33 results done.

Saturday 25/03/06

Week 32 results are up.

Saturday 18/03/06

Week 31 results Kerblanm

Saturday 11/03/06

Week 30 done. For God's Sake someone stop Dweeb getting MOTW.

Saturday 04/02/06

Week 29 results up.

Saturday 25/02/06

Kaboom! Week 28 results yonder.

Saturday 18/02/06

Week 27 results ahoy. I managed to break my program so the player pages arent up to date anymore. THe leaderboard and team pages are tho so thats what really matters. Also, click here to see a summary of the trasfers made in window 1 and the effect on team scores. There have been 2 new awards awarded for this!

Saturday 11/02/06

Crunch! Week 26 results are now up.

Saturday 04/02/06

Transfers are now shown on the team pages and have been implemented properly. Clicking on a team name on the leaderboard now shows the team as it was in all 3 windows. The week scores are all wrong because of th etransfer window ending mid-week, but i will fix that tomorrow.

Tuesday 30/01/06

Transfers are up on the Transfers page. They will not show up on the team page until the weekend because the scores are all messed up now because of the transfers etc. There will be an update as usual at the weekend.

Saturday 28/01/06

Week 24 results ahoy! FA cup final result is up too, with some new awards! Remember you have until tuesday 745pm to give me your transfers. I will post them all up on tues evening.

Sunday 15/01/06

Week 23 results up, a little late coz i was at work today :( This week is the FA Cup Final, so tune in next week to see the first prize winner of the season!

Sunday 15/01/06

Week 22 results are now available. The 2nd transfer window is now open, so you have until 745pm on the 1st of February to give me your changes, but remember they will not come into effect until then. Any changes you send me can be amended any time up until the deadline. Usual rules apply, and this will not effect your statutory rights. Laters.

Saturday 07/01/06

Week 21 is up. Shazam!

Saturday 31/12/05

Week 20 results are up, as well as the FA cup semi finals results! Well what you waitin' for?

Monday 26/12/05

Ok, the paper printed the scores today so all is currently up to date. Damn Christmas. I'm not sure whats going to happen next week with new years so watch this space.

FA Cup semi finals is this week. The games included in this round are the Boxing day matches and the wednesday night matches. The matches next saturday will NOT be included. Toight! We are down to the final 4. Kevin "The Rat" Paiser, Gary "He better not win this year" Fullbrook, Ben "Wildcard" Daish and Chris "Lost in the final last year" Deane.

Saturday 24/12/05

The Stupid Paper didnt print the scores today so what I might do is update the scores for this week as of thursday which wont include the carling cup midweek games. That might complicate things so im not sure what to do right now. Come back later for the update.

Saturday 17/12/05

MY bad, there was a slight error with LOTW this week, but its sorted now. FA cup semi draw is up too

Saturday 10/12/05

You know the drill. Fa cup draw will take place tonight. Be prepared!

Saturday 03/12/05

FA cup quarter final results are up, along with week 16 results. Get your ass over there now!

Saturday 26/11/05

Week 15 results posted. This week is the FA cup quarter finals! see FA cup page for more details. NOTE - there may be some discrepencies with the week scores this week, a slight mistake on my behalf cocked a few calculations up, but hopefully I managed to correct all of them. If you notice anything just say, and feel free to double check the totals yourself!

Saturday 19/11/05

No games were played last week due to internationals, so nowt much has occurred.

Thursday 10/11/05

Week 13 done. FA cup 3rd round results available too. Quarter Final Draw uploaded too. w00t

Saturday 05/11/05

Week 12 results are up. We must have entered a parallel universe or something. Either way something is not right. Also, the FA cup 3rd round takes place this week, from today until next friday, so check back here next saturday for the results!

Saturday 29/10/05

Week 11 ahoy!

Saturday 22/10/05

Week 10 update available. Nut's reign at the top was short lived. Also, FA cup results for 2nd round are posted. Enjoy.

Saturday 15/10/05

There were no games in week 9 so the leaderboard hasn't changed. However I have started to recieve your transfers for the first window, the ones I have got so far are posted on the transfers and teams pages. The rest will be posted when I return from work this evening at approximately 8pm.

In other news, this week is the 2nd round of the FA Cup so we can see who's transfers have had an immediate result.

Thursday 06/10/05

Week 8 update. Very interesting indeed. We have a new name at the top of the table, who was fielding odds of 1,000,000 - 1 before the season kicked off to top the table. Oh yeah and LOTW got a pretty impressive negative score this week too!

Wednesday 05/10/05

The First Transfer window is now open until Saturday 15th October so start sending me your changes now. And if you havent coughed up the entry money yet (Ped, Deany, SUNNY!, Paiser, Higgsy, SUNNY!, Phil Clarke, Mick, SUNNY!, Kiran, Miguel, Crafs & SUNNY!) Then sort it out! Go to the transfers page to see them when I receive them.

Sunday 02/10/05

The FA cup second round draw was made last night, and can be found on the FA cup page funnily enough.

Saturday 01/10/05

Week 7 results available, and FA cup first round results! There were a few surprises thats for sure.

Sunday 25/09/05

My apologies for the lateness of the update, but I had such a busy day yesterday I couldnt do it, and I've been at work all day today. But nonetheless, the update is done so head over to the leaderboard page. Also remember points scored this week (from sat 24th til friday) count towards your fa cup score for the first round. So check back next week for the results of that!

Thursday 22/09/05

The FA cup draw has been made and posted, so look over at the FA cup page. The week update for week 6 will be uploaded at some point late on saturday (coz im going paintballing woohoo!)

Saturday 17/09/05

Week 5 update has been posted. The results of the FA cup qualification round are available too so head on over there NOW! Not to mention some awards have been handed out... Busy week!

Monday 05/09/05

Because of the internationals and lack of premiership fixtures this week, there will not be an update this weekend. Normal service (and FA cup qualification) will resume in week 5.

Friday 02/09/05

There has been some late entries, Phil Higgs has entered an additional 2 teams to make the total up to 70 teams and 255! He will, of course start with 0 points for both teams.

Thursday 01/09/05

The Week 3 leaderboard is done. Some important info about the fa cup has also been posted, as well as a new feature on the leaderboard page. GO GO GO!

Saturday 27/08/05

The Week 2 leaderboard is now up, but because I am in a bit of a rush I havent really had time to double check. Everything should be fine, but I will double check on monday when I get back from Reading Festival.

Thursday 25/08/05

The player listings printed in the paper today did not for some reason include the midweek fixtures played on tuesday and wednesday. So, the update will not be done until saturday, where the listings will include said games. Sorry about the wait... but it aint my fault!

As I am going to the festival this weekend, the update will be done hopefully on saturday morning so check back here at around midday on saturday for the week 2 leaderboard!

Thursday 18/08/05

The First week update has been done a couple of days early.. The Sun decided to print the list today so... get your asses over to the leaderboard page!

Tuesday 16/08/05

2 more late entries received, which will of course score 0 points the first week. That puts the prize money up to 250.

Also, come new features added to site - a list of each player and how many times they have been selected into a team (just so you can see who is popular) and there have also been a few Navigation changes.

Sunday 14/08/05

66 Teams... 230... Its looking like it'll be a good competition this year...

Saturday 13/08/05

The season is kicking off today, and as of this precise moment I have 63 teams, awaiting another 3-4 which will be added to the site when I get back from work at around 7pm

Friday 12/08/05

55 teams so far, awaiting approximately 10 more teams between now and tomorrow. Check back tomorrow for the final team lineup! Note - teams may be added in the evening that were sent before the deadline as I will be at work all day tomorrow. But remember all teams displayed will have been received before 12:45pm unless otherwise stated!

Sunday 07/08/05

Loads of new features added to the site, along with some sample teams:

Player listings can be sorted by code,value, points per million or total points.

Leaderboard highlights the manager and loser of the week.

Links provided to jump straight to individual teams on team page.

Just a reminder - You have until Saturday to give me your teams else sacrifice scoring any points in the first week!

Friday 29/07/05

The website has been relaunched, but changes will be made between now and the start of the season so keep checking back!

Tuesday 12/07/05

The website is currently under redevelopment. Be sure to check back and see the cool shit thats gonna go down here.

Sunday 29/05/05

The final table is now up. What are you waiting for?!

Take a look around the rest of the site because some awesome stats and other info is dotted about - Check out the awards page, MOTW/LOTW and players pages too!


Welcome to the new and improved homepage.ntlworld.com/jtombs! (or clik.to/dreamteam if you used the redirect!)

NOTE - If you are using windows XP and get a warning in your browser window saying "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer" Then click on "Allow blocked content" otherwise parts of the site wont work. Bloody XP screwing things up as usual...

For those who have entered a team before, welcome back! And to those who are joining for the first time heres how it will work.

The basic idea is that you compile a team of 11 players from a list of over 350 - sticking to the rules for selecting a team (such as budget etc - see rules page). You should give your team a name and hand it to me (with the entry fee) and I'll do most of the rest. All that is required of you is to keep an eye out on your team and point out any mistakes that you may notice (I will make them - I'm only human!) and to take part in the 2 transfer windows that will open later in the season; which are of course optional - but recommended.

As the season kicks off, every Saturday I will do a score update and the website will be updated as necessary. I have written a database and a program to manage all scores, and the update will involve adding the week score for each player to their totals. Every Saturday in the Sun newspaper the score list will be printed and I will work through the list player-by-player. The team scores will then be updated, so check the site every saturday for the latest scores and leaderboard.

See last years website as of the end of season here

James (Webmaster & competition coordinator & legend)

Prize Fund for this year

The majority of teams have been received, barring a couple of people who have decided to enter their teams late and forfeit the first week of points. The total number of teams is 70 which is considerably more than last season, and the prize fund stands at 255. Here is how I'm thinking of splitting the prize money.

Total prize fund:255
League Champion:160
League Runner Up: 40
3rd Place: 15
FA cup winner: 40

Champions podium

Here is the champions podium for the 2004/2005 season, with the prizes won.

Total prize fund:140
League Champion:Gary Fullbrook "Callums Casuals" - 90
League Runner Up: Mick Tombs "Micks Team" - 25
FA cup winner: Kevin Spencer "Evolution" - 25

Other worthy competitors:

3rd place:Peter Webb "Lords of the Land"
4th place:Adam Smith "Sweetly does it"
5th place:Ben Daish "Mr Bens Waitrose Allstars"
6th place:Ben Carter "Team B"
FA cup runner up: Chris Deane "If Pootie says sa da tey then its OK!"
Last place! Robert Turner "FC Kickass"
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