Here are some awesome and/or useful websites incase you get bored... if you know of any interesting websites then just gimme a link and ill add them to the page.

The official website for the dreamteam competition. My one is much better though....
A website containing a whole bunch of mistakes noticed in movies, as well as trivia, pictures etc. Keeps me entertained for hours on end.. but maybe thats because im a film geek as some might say.
An excellent source for all your Professional wrestling news and articles.
Go here for latest music festival news, reviews and lineup rumours.
The mystery of time and space
A great point and click adventure written in flash. Only begin if you have quite a bit of spare time - it takes a while to complete!
The loms adventure
A Roleplay game created by yours truly. It really has to be seen to be believed! So DO IT!
The kingdom of loathing
An online turn based roleplay game with a twist - all the characters are stickmen and you fight random monsters like possessed tins of asparagus! Fantastic random humoured game.
Ebaums world
A website with a whole bunch of random media, videos, animations etc that are well funny!
Another website with some funny flash animations.
Adobe SVG Viewer
If you need an SVG viewer plugin to view the teams visit here and follow the instuctions.
Javascript Source
I should really link to this site coz i stole... *cough* borrowed a lot of stuff from it to make this website! If i credit the source then i cant be labelled a theif!
Add to your favourites!