Here is the final table for the season 2004/2005!

Final Leaderboard


pos teamname manager pts fa cup


1st Callums Casuals Gary Fullbrook 1436 Semi Final

2nd Micks Team Mick Tombs 1413 1st Round

3rd Lords of the Land Peter Webb 1361 DNQ

4th Sweetly does it Adam Smith 1349 1st Round

5th Mr Bens Waitrose Allstars Ben Daish 1344 2nd Round

6th Team B Ben Carter 1330 Quarter Final

7th Clueless Louise Merkel 1322 1st Round

=7th Va Va Voom Adam Smith 1322 1st Round

9th Team M Mark Carter 1320 1st Round

10th F.I.L.F Chris Deane 1305 2nd Round

11th Kirstens Kickers Gary Fullbrook 1299 2nd Round

12th Mark my words,your uppance shall come James Tombs 1298 1st Round

13th H.M.S Dildo Sunny Brar 1291 2nd Round

14th Evolution Kevin Spencer 1285 WINNER!

15th Pace Champs Kevin Paiser 1277 1st Round

16th Daves Disciples Kevin Spencer 1253 2nd Round

17th M.Js Marvels Mick Webb 1239 1st Round

18th The Four Horsemen Joe Clark 1237 Quarter Final

19th If Pootie says Sa Da Tay then its OK! Chris Deane 1226 RUNNER-UP!

20th Weebs Heebs Peter Webb 1200 2nd Round

21st Oh so Silky FC Adam Smith 1176 Quarter Final

22nd The madam bashers James Tombs 1169 DNQ

23rd ruud-scholes-henry Kevin Spencer 1136 2nd Round

24th Joes Team 3 Joe Clark 1135 1st Round

25th Tons of fun James Tombs 1125 1st Round

26th Martins Magic Minions Martin Deane 1115 1st Round

27th Jas Team 1 Jas Brar 1111 Semi Final

28th Smithys Schmucks Chris Smith 1088 1st Round

29th Jas Team 2 Jas Brar 1084 DNQ

30th The Rasclats Sunny Brar 1075 1st Round

31st The Bastards Peter Webb 1019 Quarter Final

32nd Morning Wood Chris Deane 1004 DNQ

33rd Adz executioners Robert Turner 1002 1st Round

34th Bens Team Ben Trinder 983 1st Round

35th Deane destroyers Robert Turner 977 1st Round

36th Jas Team 3 Jas Brar 970 2nd Round

37th Backdoor Sluts 9 Sunny Brar 962 DNQ

38th Joes Team 2 Joe Clark 919 DNQ

39th FC Kickass Robert Turner 852 DNQ


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