fa cup - the final results! - NEW

Shit son! The almightly FA cup competition has come to an end. The results of the final can be found below.

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If Pootie says Sa Da Tay then its OK!
Chris Deane
Value: 39.5m
GK006Sorensen AST2.5m5
DF105Lauren ARS3.5m0
DF200Hreidarsson CHA2.0m3
DF215Ferreira CHE5.0m5
DF246Naysmith EVE2.5m0
MF531Gronkjaer BIR3.0m0
MF608Routledge CPA2.0m0
MF709Bentley NOR2.5m0
ST802Henry ARS8.0m0
ST867Rooney EVE5.5m9
ST913Huckerby NOR3.0m0
Points scored in FA cup final round: 22
Kevin Spencer
Value: 39.0m
GK009Maik Taylor BIR3.0m-2
DF121Mellberg AST3.5m5
DF139Upson BIR3.0m-3
DF200Hreidarsson CHA2.0m3
DF247Stubbs EVE2.0m3
MF505Pires ARS5.5m0
MF690Mendieta MID3.5m0
ST801Bergkamp ARS3.0m3
ST908Shearer NEW5.0m8
ST943Defoe TOT4.0m0
Points scored in FA cup final round: 30

So here we have it, the FA cup winner - Kevin Spencer with his team....Evolution!!!

Congratulations to Kevin, and unlucky son to Chris Deane. Valiant effort though!

Visit the site later tonight and I will upload a chart showing the overall FA cup results from the early qualifying round all the way to the final. I have to go to work now but I'll get that sorted this evening!

Final Standings:

(eliminated in semi finals)

(eliminated in quarter finals)

(eliminated in second round)

(eliminated in first round)

(did not qualify)

  • Evolution (Kevin Spencer) - WINNER!
  • If Pootie says Sa Da Tay then its OK! (Chris Deane) - RUNNER UP!
  • Jas Team 1 (Jas Brar)
  • Callums Casuals (Gary Fullbrook)
  • Team B (Mark Carter)
  • Oh so silky FC (Adam Smith)
  • The Four Horsemen (Joe Clark)
  • The Bastards (Peter Webb)
  • Mr Bens Waitrose Allstars (Ben Daish)
  • Kirstens Kickers (Gary Fullbrook)
  • Daves Disciples (Kevin Spencer)
  • ruud - reyes - henry (Kevin Spencer)
  • H.M.S Dildo (Sunny Brar)
  • F.I.L.F (Chris Deane)
  • Jas Team 3 (Jas Brar)
  • Weebs heebs (Peter Webb)
  • Tons of Fun (James Tombs)
  • Mark my words, your uppance shall come (James Tombs)
  • Adz Exercutioners (Robert Turner)
  • Deane Destroyers (Robert Turner)
  • Rasclats (Sunny Brar)
  • Joes Team 3 (Joe Clark)
  • Sweetly does it (Adam Smith)
  • Va Va Voom (Adam Smith)
  • Smithys Schmucks (Chris Smith)
  • MJ's Marvels (Mick Webb)
  • Team M (Mark Carter)
  • Pace Champs (Kevin Paiser)
  • Martins Magic Minions (Martin Deane)
  • Bens Team (Ben Trinder)
  • Mick's Team (Mick Tombs)
  • Clueless (Louise Merkle)
  • Joes Team 2 (Joe Clark)
  • Backdoor sluts 9 (Sunny Brar)
  • FC Kickass (Robert Turner)
  • Lords of the Land (Peter Webb)
  • Morning Wood (Chris Deane)
  • Madam Bashers (James Tombs)
  • Jas Team 2 (Jas Brar)
  • Semi Final Results!

    Here it is, the news you've all been waiting for!

    Callums Casuals (Gary Fullbrook)31vs.64If Pootie Says... (Chris Deane)
    Evolution (Kevin Spencer)65vs.45Jas Team 1 (Jas Brar)

    The final will take place in the week commencing 15th January, and will feature the gargantuan matchup:

    If Pootie Says... (Chris Deane)vs.Evolution (Kevin Spencer)
    Good luck to both of ya, and may the best man win!

    Quarter Final Results!

    Here it is in all its glory!

    Callums Casuals (Gary Fullbrook)31vs.11Four Horsemen (Joe Clark)
    Team B (Mark Carter)24vs.32Evolution (Kevin Spencer)
    The Bastards (Peter Webb)10vs.20Jas Team 1 (Jas Brar)
    Oh So silky FC (Adam Smith)8vs.20If Pootie Says... (Chris Deane)

    second round results

    The results of the seconds round are now available! Congratulations to those who progress, and those who lost - you suck!

    Weebs Heebs (Peter Webb)26vs.48Four Horsemen (Joe Clark)
    Team B (Mark Carter)60vs.59H.M.S Dildo (Sunny Brar)
    Daves Disciples (Kevin Spencer)45vs.58Evolution (Kevin Spencer)
    Callums Casuals (Gary Fullbrook)74vs.22Jas Team 3 (Jas Brar)
    If Pootie Says Sa Da Tay then its OK! (Chris Deane)40vs.29Kirstens Kickers (Gary Fullbrook)
    Jas Team 1 (Jas Brar)52vs.25F.I.L.F (Chris Deane)
    Bastards (Peter Webb)40vs.33ruud-reyes-henry (Kevin Spencer)
    Oh so Silky FC (Adam Smith)36vs.33Mr Bens Waitrose Allstars (Ben Daish)

    first round results

    Here are the results of the FA cup first round: (if you spot any mistakes just tell me!)

    Bens Team (Ben Trinder)15vs.19Kirstens Kickers (Gary Fullbrook)
    Smithys Shmucks (Chris Smith)29vs.40Callums Casuals (Gary Fullbrook)
    F.I.L.F (Chris Deane)44vs.24Adz Executioners (Robert Turner)
    Sweetly Does it (Adam Smith)34vs.40Jas Team 3 (Jas Brar)
    Rasclats (Sunny Brar)26vs.30Jas Team 1 (Jas Brar)
    Tons of Fun (James Tombs)30vs.38Four Horsemen (Joe Clark)
    If Pootie says Sa Da Tay then it's OK! (Chris Deane)44vs.20Mark my words, your uppance shall come (James Tombs)
    The Bastards (Peter Webb)22vs.14Team M (Mark Carter)
    Joes Team 3 (Joe Clark)19vs.39Mr Bens Waitrose Allstars (Ben Daish)
    Clueless (Louise Merkle)18vs.28Weebs Heebs (Peter Webb)
    MJ's Marvels (Mick Webb)6vs.12Oh So silky FC (Adam Smith)
    ruud-smith-henry (Kevin Spencer)48vs.18Deane Destroyers (Robert Turner)
    Va Va Voom (Adam Smith)28vs.65Evolution (Kevin Spencer)
    Micks Team (Mick Tombs)44vs.53Daves Disciples (Kevin Spencer)
    H.M.S Dildo (Sunny Brar)27vs.23Pace Champs (Kevin Paiser)
    Martins Magic Minions (Martin Deane)35vs.53Team B (Mark Carter)


    The winners of the qualification round:

    1stKevin Spencer93
    2ndAdam Smith87
    3rdJames Tombs80
    4thJoe Clark69
    =5thChris Deane61
    =5thPeter Webb61
    7thJas Brar60
    8thRobert Turner52
    9thSunny Brar24