Hall of Fame & Lame!

Welcome to the latest addition to the site, the Hall of Fame & Lame page! The basic idea of this is that as the season draws to an end, I will be awarding entrants some random awards (Just for fun!) for all manner of categories.

The Hall of Fame - For amazing acheivements, tactics & helpfulness.

The first entrants inducted into the Hall of Fame are:

League ChampionGary Fullbrook - Callums Casuals
FA cup winnerKevin Spencer - Evolution!
League Runner upMick Tombs - Micks Team
FA cup finalistChris Deane - If Pootie Says Sa Da Tey then it's OK!
Score Adjustment Co-ordinator TrophyPeter "Dweeb" Webb!
Legend Award for running the competitonJames Tombs!
Most MOTW AwardsLouise Merkel

(most times by a single team (4))

Adam Smith

(most times by a manager (8))

Biggest Score in a single weekGary Fullbrook

103 pts!

The Hall of Lame - For incredible awfulness and poorness.

The first entrants inducted into the Hall of Lame are:

Can't add up awardThe Sun!
LOTW Gangbang award

Peter Webb

Kevin Paiser

Joe Clark

Jas Brar

Most LOTW awards

(4 a piece!)

FC Kickass - Robert Turner

Deane Destroyers - Robert Turner

Jas Team 3 - Jas Brar

Least points scored in a single weekKevin Spencer - Evolution

-11 pts

LOTW Grand Sumo ChampionRobert Turner

(for getting LOTW on 9 seperate occasions, and at one point 5 weeks in a row!)

Stay tuned for more entries!